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1. Who do you provide Security and Detective Services?

Individuals who want to verify information about a person, check their phone number, find a person, check their mobile phone on wiretapping, scan the room against wiretap, install a camera system ...

Companies are looking for asset protection - we own the so-called "Security Partnership" for large chains, which we preserve property in a unique way that greatly saves customers the cost of protecting their property.

Security analyzes are ordered for example by institutions, including schools. We sell security technology to businesses, for example, for monitoring people or things in buildings, or for secure, non-interceptable video and audio communications.

2. Are you working for foreigners or abroad?

Yes, we work for customers from around the world and around the world. For each order, we prepare a plan of individual steps, which we agree with, and the customer receives continuous "monitoring" reports from us.

3. I want to monitor my wife. How it will be?

Call us at 284 688 613 and arrange an appointment, it's free. At a personal meeting, you will learn how monitoring will take place. Then we sign the contract and everything can begin.

4. Who should I contact when I need advice or I want to ask about your services? Will I pay for your advice?

Call us best on our phone number 284 688 613, briefly describe what you are interested in and will be transferred to a competent person.

If you do not like to call, email us at and we will answer back to you. The first consultation is free of charge.

5. How much does your service cost?

The first telephone or personal appointment consultation is free of charge. For each contract, we enter into a written agreement with the customer, which sets the price for our services.

The price for our services is charged at an hourly rate or is set at a total lump sum. It depends on the scope and form of the ordered services.


Thoroughly thought-out solutions.

Using modern technologies.

Effectively ensure your safety.

In our portfolio you will find everything from personal and product monitoring, through functional voice and video communications security to corporate know-how protection. We will be assured of effective protection of you and your interests.


Your trust is in good hands!



The best of the world of drones

Courses for beginner and advanced drones pilots, but also aviation specialist and drones hire.


Education Specialist

Take a look at the interesting training offers that our partner education company Recourse s.r.o.


Detective and security services

Monitoring, searching, mapping, or a complete overview of large sites, thanks to an exclusive partnership with Microdrones GmbH, a professional drones specialist.


Defense and cutting-edge technology

Get real-time video communication encryption in real time, thanks to our collaboration with Spintower KG, a leading provider of cryptographic services.



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